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How to make money online 2023 doing blog?

    make money online 2023
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    Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Today I am going to share with you the 3 best things that can help you make money online 2023 blogging. And if you don’t know let me tell you, you can actually earn more than 30 to 50 thousand USD easily by doing blog, and day by day it will increase. So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

    We will see the 3 best ways to make money online. Let’s start with our first and most popular way, which is:

    1. Make money online 2023 with Google Adsense.

    make money online 2023 with Google Adsense
    Google Adsense

    Google AdSense says they are paying around 8000$ on average per month to a person in the United States. And there are almost 2 million people who monetized their site with it. And you can be the next. By making a site that Google loves. So let’s start our journey of make money online 2023 with google ads.

    But why should you monetize your website with Google AdSense?

    Maybe there are many reasons you will find to start with. And so many people will say this-this-this-this reason is to start making money online with Google AdSense. But what I think is, Maybe there are only 5 reasons is ok to make you convinced and start this journey with Adsense. So let’s have a look at what I have for you:

    Millions of advertisers

    Well, the first thing we got is, millions of advertisers. This means millions of companies are advertising their products. And if your content matches their product, then google will automatically show their ads on your website. In addition, if you are thinking you have to compete with other sites to get high-paying ads. Then you are wrong! Here advertising companies are competing inside their industry to show ads on your site at any cost.

    Optimized advertising

    Now comes the second thing is optimized ads or advertising. So your visitor can be a smartphone user or a tab user or even a laptop-desktop user. And you don’t know who will be a smartphone user or else. But your ads are in laptop viewer size. so your mobile user will be in trouble seeing.

    Don’t worry google knows your problem. So whoever your visit is doesn’t matter. Because of Google’s optimized ads system. If your visitor is a smartphone user then google will size your ads for smartphone display and if your visitor is a laptop then laptop display size.

    Highest paying ads

    As I told you before, advertising companies are competing to show their ads. In this way, they bid for ads to get the best result. When the bid goes up your pay got high for views or clicks. Normally Google pays around 30 cents for 1 thousand views and 20 to 40 cents for one click. But sometimes one CTR can be up to 15 USD.

    Suitable for your website visitors

    Google do ensure you that, what they are showing to your visitors, it’s related to your niche. When a visitor comes to your site and reads your content and sees ads on your site those ads are obviously of good quality ads and relevant to your content. So your visitor will not be upset about this.

    All controls are in your hand

    “Add just one code, and your entire site is ready to show ads”. Isn’t this awesome? I think it is! But more interesting is whatever one code is using to monetize your site. But you are still able to control all ads. Where it will be shown, and what should show or is it good for your visitor, or do you want to block that ad? Thes all types of control in your hand. So it’s good, what do you think? let me know in the comment section.

    OK, But what do you need to get monetization?

    First of all, you need a website. By the way, you can learn how you can create a website from here For free and For paid. Here I tried to tell you step by step, how you can build a website in detail. I hope you will find something valuable

    But what type of website does google approve?

    There are 3 types of websites google approves for their Adsense.

    1. Content or blog site.
    2. Forum.
    3. And Tools that are free to use.

    Once you get the approval you will be able to make money from it. What you have to do is just get traffic to your site.

    Well to get more visitors to your site you can also read my other blogs where I tried to guide step by step on how to marketing on online, and social media like:

    The Ultimate Guide Of Pinterest Marketing: All You Need To Know.

    So this one was our first topic for the “Make money online 2023” guideline. Let’s go for the next one. Is:

    2. Make money online 2023 with Digital Product Promotion.

    digital product

    Well, you can say by name of this topic “I can understand I have to promote a Digital Product via online marketing or social media marketing then I will earn money. But actually what is a digital product I don’t know!”

    Sounds good. Because if you don’t know what it is but you are doing it that means you are on the wrong track. That means we need to know first, what it is.

    What is the product? A product is something that has value and it can fulfill your needs. Now, what is a digital product? A digital product is something from the internet that has value and it can fulfill someone’s needs. Like, a website. Suppose you need a website it’s your need but you are unable to build a website. So what you have to do is contact someone and build through them.

    In this case when you are promoting a website-building program for those who have website-building services, that time we can say it’s a digital product promotion. But it’s not just website building, it can be a hosting service, domain service, any type of graphics service, email marketing service, etc.

    But why should you promote Digital products?

    The explosion of Digital Products.

    High payouts.

    Easy and hassle-free.

    These three reasons are enough to start promoting digital products. Let’s get into the details:

    The explosion of Digital Products: World is changing with the internet. Every small business is going online to explore its business online. And if you want to explore then you need everything online. A store, a marketer, or a service provider. In more detail, domain, hosting, website or store, graphics design, email, social media, content all and everything. That means everything is in demand. And a marketer always sells what is in demand.

    High payouts: A digital product always gives you more profit than a physical product. How?

    Just to compare: If you go to amazon you can see they are paying 4% to 12% commission on your sale and which is the highest commission rate. So if you are promoting 100 dollars product you will get 12 dollars. But a digital product like Systeme will give you 50% of sales. And if we go deeper, Systeme’s monthly package starts from 228 dollars a year. So if you get a sale you will earn 114 dollars, so the other digital product.

    Easy and hassle-free: Like in physical products, there is no need to store, supply, or damage issue handling on a digital product. Just promote it and when some will sign up or download or use a service and pay for it, you will get a commission. And do you know what is my favorite part of it? Most of the digital product’s affiliate programs are paying recurring commissions. This means every time a buyer pays for that service, you will get a commission.

    Here are top-paying digital products name:














    Constant Contact







    So now what you can do is, go and sign up with them as an affiliate partner, start writing blogs about products, and start earning.

    3. Make money online 2023 with Adcombo affiliate program.


    My first earning online was with Adcombo affiliate program. This January I earned 99 USD doing nothing, and with 0 Dollar investment. Am I mad? No, I am not! Because it’s possible. I worked in past and I am getting profit still now doing nothing. Isn’t it awesome?

    Well, let me tell you my secret. Basically, I did follow my 4 steps. Are:

    1. Sign up in Adcombo.
    2. Select a profitable niche.
    3. Make a blog site for free.
    4. Promote on Pinterest.

    Yes, exactly as simple as that. First, go to Adcombo. Then sign up as a publisher. Complete your sign-up process. Go to the offer section. Select your niche. In my case, I promoted diet and weight loss products in France. My product name was Black latte.

    Next, I created a landing blog site. Where people can read about the product, and get sources to buy the product. Then I did promotion on Pinterest. And when a person buys the product using my link, I got paid. As simple as that.

    And I think this is the easiest way in the world to make money online. So you can try if you are new in online.

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