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The Ultimate Guide Of Pinterest Marketing: All You Need To Know.

    Pinterest Marketing.
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    Pinterest is an idea-shearing social media platform through images. Pinterest Has billions of pins with fabulous ideas about home decoration, food recipes, fashion, and health tips. Here People share their visions and do love them, and save them into a board section so they can easily find those ideas they love. Today we are gonna learn how Pinterest marketing work.

    Pinterest features
    Source: Hootsuite

    Do you know what is nice and interesting about Pinterest?

    The thing is, Pinterest is the biggest, most popular social media network in the united states after Facebook and Instagram. It has 431M Monthly active users. So that means you can find lots of traffic for your websites or business through Pinterest.

    pinterest monthly active user
    Source: Baclinko

    Do You Know Why Pinterest Is So Much Popular?

    Because of its unique features. And the feature is, you will get attention from people for your unique and beautiful images. and experts say, this is the main reason for success. And you can marketing your product here on Pinterest easily. Because it’s not content based. Do pin a unique image and get high-volume traffic. So here are 5 reasons why you should do interest marketing.

    1. High volume traffic from the United State.
    2. Easy To organize.
    3. Having both features of personal and business accounts.
    4. No content is required.
    5. Easy website integration.

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    So now let’s find this question’s answer:

    What is Pinterest Marketing?

    How good is Pinterest Marketing?

    How can you earn money by doing Pinterest Marketing?

    And in the end; Steps to create effective pin on Pinterest.

    What is Pinterest Marketing?

    Basically, marketing is a method or process of promoting a service, business, or product. By doing marketing people will get important and interesting information about your service or product. And then they will get devoted to your service. Simply put, marketing is the act of attracting people to your service or product.

    Marketing in intenet

    Now in this digital age, Digital Marketing is the most popular way to reach your targeted customer. And this marketing can be done through Email, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Social Media.

    And from those all methods Social media is the easiest and most effective way to reach to the customer. And Pinterest is the third most popular social media in the United States Of America.

    And in the following statement, Pinterest Marketing is the act of attracting people to your service or product through Pinterest. And it’s that much easier that, just you have to Pin a unique image On Pinterest with attractive title, effective description, and your website link. And that’s it you will get visitors to your website.

    Pinterest pin page

    How good is Pinterest Marketing?

    So far we’ve talked about a lot, and already know why we’re marketing on Pinterest.

    For example, good quality traffic, easy to organize, no need to write much, opening and working any personal or business account is very easy, reach your product to more than million people with just a click

    But also there is one more thing you must know about Pinterest. And what is it? Don’t panic let me tell you.

    Suppose you are in the United State and you are promoting an affiliate product of France or Italy or Germany. Suppose it’s Germany’s product you are promoting. So how will you target your audience through other social media? By targeting the country on ads? That means you have to pay for an ads campaign. But on Pinterest, they installed an awesome algorithm.

    And that is, you can just post your image or pin your image using that country’s language only. When you pin an image and use the German language on the title and description, Pinterest will auto-index your pin and it will show your image to those who are from Germany.

    Isn’t this awesome? Well so let’s go to the next questions.

    How can you earn money by doing Pinterest Marketing?

    We talked so much about what is Pinterest marketing, and how good is it. But why you will do Pinterest marketing? Obviously, we need a reason. A valid reason for it. And that reason is to make money from it.

    How can you make money online in 2023 through Pinterest marketing?

    There are so many ways you can make money by doing Pinterest marketing. But we will talk about only the 3 best ways to make money online in 2023 with Pinterest marketing.

    1. Selling your product like a business.
    2. Selling other products like affiliate marketing.
    3. And promoting your blog.

    Selling your product like a business.

    If you have Woocommerce or Shopify. Then Pinterest has an awesome feature to connect your store with them. And easy steps to sell your product.

    Pinterest says “If you have small and medium-sized businesses, you just connect your store with your Pinterest business account and we will automatically add your entire product catalog.” Yeah, it’s that easy!

    Also, they give you an opportunity to join their Verified Merchant Program to build the brand.

    Selling other products like affiliate marketing.

    To do affiliate marketing first we need to know about it. In this post, we will know the basics of affiliate marketing. Later on, I promise you that, I will create a full post on it step by step with a guide.

    Ok! so affiliate marketing is just like you pick a product from a marketplace or a website that gives you the opportunity to sell its product, then somehow you sell them and the website gives your a commission.

    So to do that first you will need a marketplace or website to pick a product. In this case, these sites can help you:

    1. Associate with amazon.
    2. eBay
    3. Adcombo
    4. AliExpress Affiliate Program 
    5. ClickBank
    6. Digistore24

    What you have to do is create a blog for your product. And if you don’t want to invest money on it, follow How to create blog website for free in Blogger- Full guide.

    Then the next step is to create a unique pin and pin in Pinterest.

    Learn, Top 15 benefits of Canva you can get by using.

    Promoting your blog.

    Nowadays creating a blog and earning money with Google Adsense is an awesome way to make money online. To do that all you need is a website on a targeted niche and monetize with Google Adsense.

    But to generate revenue or money you need visitors to your site. After that when your traffic visits your site google will pay you for the impression and click of that visitors.

    And to get traffic we already know that Pinterest is a great social media to promote, there is nothing to talk about.

    Steps to create an effective pin on Pinterest.

    In the beginning, we learned that Pinterest is an idea-sharing platform through images. So all you have to create a unique, adorable, and eye-catching image for your pin. And to do that you can create images from Canva.

    Canva has the best tool to make your day easier. Because Canva allows you to access their ready template for free.

    So to create pin follow these steps:

    Go to Canva and sign in to your account. Or if you didn’t signup yet just do it using your Gmail.

    Canva sign up page

    Click on Create design.

    canva entry page

    Search for Pinterest PIn, and click on that.

    canva design step 1

    Now it will take to you the design page. Now choose your template to use.

    canva design step 2

    After you complete your design download it from the Share option. Now we are ready to go for pin on Pinterest.

    Then we will go to create an effective pin on Pinterest. And give its title and description and pin it.

    Let’s follow these steps to create:

    Sign in and go to your Pinterest account. If your account is in personal mode, then to use Pinterest’s best features just convert it from the account settings.

    Pinterest marketing

    Come bake to the Business Hub

    Pinterest marketing

    Click on Create Pin of Create option from the top menu bar.

    Pinterest marketing

    Upload the image you just downloaded from Canva. Click on Drag and drop or click to upload your images. Pinterest allows you to upload one or multiple .jpg files in one pin.

    Add your title:

    Then select and enter the title of the pin in Add your title section.

    To choose a title we will follow 3 things only:

    1. Write something that describes your image.
    2. Try to keep it short.
    3. Find and Use good keywords on the title related to your post.


    A description is the most important part of a post. Because a person always checks after seeing the title of that post to see what your pin is about. So If you want to write a perfect description for your pin your pin description should have:

    • 300 hundred characters.
    • The keyword we use on the title
    • 2 or 3 hashtag#
    • Similar or synonyms of keywords.
    • Easy to read to the readers.

    Add alt text:

    In Add alt text section simply write something, that describes what your pin or post is about. And here you can even use the almost same text we used for the title section. Because we wrote our title in that way, everyone can understand our pin.

    Then you have to add your site link on the Add a destination link section. And now save your pin to a board related to your pin.

    That’s it! Your pin is now visible to reach millions of traffic.


    Ok, so no we know what Pinterest is? How its work? Then, how you can make money by doing Pinterest marketing? And how to create an effective pin on Pinterest?

    I hope this article will help you and you will be able to do Pinterest marketing. And also we will be able to start making money using Pinterest’s features. Because there is no other social media algorithm like Pinterest that allows us to reach millions of people with one click that we already know.

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